Hi, I’m Kat!

Trust that I’ll share with you tl;dr short form content + personal learning experiences + honest perspectives.

I’m a certified mindset coach, NLP Master Practitioner, world traveler, foodie, author, and blogger., I recently added “podcaster” onto that fabulous list. I am choosing to live my life courageously over comfort and on a mission to fulfill all of my ever-growing list of outrageous desires.

Before this, I was an art director with a graphic design background in the San Francisco tech and gaming industry. After becoming a burnt out workaholic for several years, I made the decision to finally leave my job in 2018, change careers, and embarked on this journey to recover from burn out and reclaim my life. For the curious bunch, read my Prelude posts to find out more.

Through sharing my life stories, travel adventures, and personal growth learnings, I want to inspire YOU to believe that you’re capable of changing your life for the better and live a life that you truly love!

Wait, author? Yup. I am an award-winning author of “Dear Workaholics: Recover from Burnout and Reclaim Your Life” and the upcoming book “FEAR LESS: Find Yourself and Discover Your Purpose”. The exciting thing is that I have a New York Times Top 10 Bestselling author collaborating with me on both books.