Hi, I’m Kat Nieh

…and I’m a workaholics. Yes, I said it!

I’m also a certified mindset coach  /  NLP Master Practitioner  /  world traveler  /  foodie  /  award-winning author   short form blogger. I recently added “podcaster” onto that fabulous list, too. But the most important thing to know about me is that I am choosing to live my life courageously on my own terms and on a mission to fulfill all of my ever-growing list of outrageous desires (commonly referred to as “bucket lists”).

Need proof? Well, in 12 months, I’ve traveled to all 7 continents, including 13 countries, 37 cities, 6 beaches, 2 deserts, 1 rainforest, a couple of mountain ranges, 3 lakes, 2 of the longest rivers in the world, 2 national parks, and a few middle-of-nowheres. Yah, I can be a bit extreme at times. It’s ok, you’ll get used to it (or at least get a kick out of it).


#2  –  Travel on a commercial spaceship to see Earth from space
#12  –  See the Northern Lights and sleep in a glass igloo in Finland
#18  –  Start my own nonprofit organization
#40  –  Eat at the chef’s table at a Michelin Star restaurant
#47  –  Be a speaker on a TED stage
#105  –  Road trip in an RV
#107  –  Do a polar plunge in the Arctic (South Pole ✓, now the North!)
#128  –  Live a fulfilled, healthy life beyond 100 years old (Why not?)

There’s currently 134 of them on my list, including ones I’ve crossed off. Do you have your own outrageous desires list? Check out my blog posts or podcast episodes to find out more about them.


Before this, I was an art director with a graphic design background in the San Francisco tech and gaming industry. I hid behind my work for a long time. I wore my ability to work super hard like a badge of honor. After becoming a burned out workaholic for several years, this just no longer served me anymore. So I made the decision to finally leave my job in 2018, change careers, and embarked on this journey to recover from burn out and reclaim my life. For the curious bunch, read my Prelude posts to find out more.

But this doesn’t mean i just stopped being a workaholic. That is who I am at my core, and I realized that being a workaholic can actually a superpower as long as you don’t allow it to stop you from living the life you know you can.

Through sharing my life stories, travel adventures, and personal growth learnings, I want to inspire YOU to believe that you’re capable of changing your life for the better, no matter where you are in your life.


I am here to guide and inspire workaholics to use your unique powers to live fueled by your passion and your purpose in life.