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If you want something so much, you will move mountains just to have it and not give up. In this episode, Kat Nieh talks about how this scenario applies to her life and shares four different personal examples. Having learned how to take the leap, conquer her fears, and understand what matters most to her, Kat shares some advice on how you can push through your barriers and take small steps you need to achieve what it is that is dear to you.

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[ Episode 5 ] You’ll find a way

Dear workaholics, I want to share a quote that I came across by Charlie Gilkey. He says, “If it matters to you, you’ll find a way.” When I thought about that quote, I realized that’s so true. If it means enough to you, you will find a way no matter what. You will push through the challenges that you face. You’ll work through any of the limiting beliefs that you have. You will make it happen through any of the failures you encounter because you won’t give up. That is the most important piece. Deep down you know it’s what you want so dearly that you’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen. I started thinking about how this applies to my life. I came with four different examples and here they are:

[ 1 ] Leaving my job
I had no idea how I was going to leave my job, because I wanted to make it work so badly. I still have so much love and respect for the people there. I believed in it so much, but I did it. I chose myself. I made myself a priority. I left so I could go out and pursue what makes me happy, which leads to number two.

[ 2 ] Travel to all 7 continents within 12 months
I had no idea how I would hit all seven continents within twelve months. After I declared this outrageous desire, it seemed so impossible and crazy, but I did it. And that’s the thing! Once I made the decision, opportunities came to me. I had people who invited me on trips to go with them. telling me about what they did, or I came across information and that helped me to book those trips I needed to help me fulfill this outrageous desire of mine. I am so grateful that I did it, one for declaring it and two for actually making it happen because the ventures I went on were absolutely epic.

[ 3 ] Write a book
I had no idea how I would even write a book or if I even had enough content to write a book, but I did it. I finished it in two and a half months, and wrote more than 200 pages of content. I had no idea that I wrote that much until I got the book proof in my hand. When I got the package, I thought I’d be getting a pamphlet, but it was a book in my hand. It felt surreal, and I was so proud of myself as well because I had so much to share with you, which leads to number four.

[ 4 ] Launching a podcast
I had no idea how I would even do a podcast, but I did it. I realized I had so much content and information that I wanted to continue elaborating on the concepts I wrote about in my book, or continue sharing the things I’ve learned along the way. So here I am. I’m recording away minute by minute, episode by episode just for you, my dear workaholics.


Take the leap. It might be scary as hell, but do it anyways. You got this! Everything you want is right outside of your comfort zone. You just have to go for it.


As I went through each of these by declaring I’m the one who is going to do it and actually going through it, I had so much fear that ran through my head. I was freaking out inside for sure—maybe a little, maybe a lot. I was scared out of my mind because I had no idea what was going to happen and how to make it happen. I had so much fear running through my head of my fear of judgment, my fear of failure, my fear of being seen, and so many more circled my mind. I was so uncomfortable, but I did it. I pushed through it. It’s either by taking the smallest step I could take to get comfortable or steps to make me realize that this is possible. It’s just one little step—“okay, that was totally doable. I can keep on going. This is not too bad,” to “I got this.” It’s taking the leap off the cliff and going, “I will figure it out along the way.”

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The thing is that it mattered enough to me. I wanted it enough that I pushed through any of the negative mind chatter that I had, because they were my outrageous desires that I wanted it. So I made it happen. I leveraged the mindset tools that I’ve learned on myself to get past any of that negative mind chatter. “If it matters to you, you’ll find a way.” Your why will make it possible because it is so important to you. It’s what will continue to fuel you through all the negative feedback you’re getting from the world—the feedback might not be encouraging, you have setbacks, or it’s not helping you move forward in some way. Because this matters to you and your why is so strong, none of that stops you. When you declare these to yourself, tap into your why it matters to you.

So why did these matter to me?

For one and two, it’s because I needed to take care of myself. I needed to come back to what was important to me. I need to find out what made me happy—what fueled my soul. I needed to separate myself for my stress points and embrace what made me happy because this is my life. For three and four, it’s because I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to share my experience of how I got burnt out to how I recovered from it. I learned so much along the way that I wanted to share what I knew and continue sharing what I’m learning, so it can help you recover from burnout or even better prevent the burnout.

After I started sharing my content of what I knew and what I experienced, I found out that people were interested. They wanted to find out what I went through, how I got through it, and how I can help them. Because of that, it gave me the courage to continue sharing my knowledge and my experience with the world. That’s how it started off with the blog to the book and now this podcast. I became a mindset coach because I realized through my journey how important your mindset is—it can make or break your dream or it could even make or break your life.

My dear workaholics, I want to ask you: what’s something that’s out of your comfort zone that you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t gathered enough courage to do?

What’s the negative mind chatter that came up for you? Is it that you’re not good enough, you didn’t know how to do it, it feels completely impossible? Let that negative mind chatter be what it is. Imagine a knob in front of you and turn down the volume. Turn it into a gentle whisper that you could barely hear anymore, and just go for it. It’s okay to be screaming on the inside as you do it. I definitely did it when I quit my job! Or you could scream and freak out on the outside as well. Just let it all out.

Whatever you need to do, just make it happen. Do what you have to do to get past that comfort zone. Push through any barriers or fear and get it done. Do it as if you are leaping off a cliff and figuring out along the way like I did when I left my job. You could take the smallest steps you need as I did with my blog, my book, and with this podcast. It’s the little steps that snowball into the bigger ones. That’s the mindset for you to have and to do whatever you need to do to get it done, because if it matters to you, you’ll find a way no matter what.

You got this, my dear workaholics. Until next time…

Sincerely Kat