Yup, “KIT” stands for “keep in touch”
(Do they still write those in high school yearbooks nowadays? It’s been a while…)

Calm, crystal clear Antarctica waters that are almost mirror-like reflecting the beautiful scenery around us. ©kitwithkat

I started off this post with writing: “I’m taking a break today”, but I didn’t want to break my streak and the promise I made to myself that I would complete this daily blogging challenge no matter what. It’s about keeping my word, and knowing that means much more to me than giving up. I’m so close to finishing my 30-day streak!

As I’m learning from my mentors, a common theme comes up—keep your word as it’s a reflection of who you are. When you say you’ll do something, you’ll do it. If something comes up and you can no longer follow through with your word, then you can take responsibility for your actions by communicating it directly and clearly to whom you broke your promise. You don’t shy away from nor come up with excuses as to why you can’t do it anymore. It’s about owning your choice. You chose something of higher priority to you over what you passed on. There’s no right or wrong. It’s merely a decision you made and taking responsibility for the consequences for that particular decision. It’s important that you don’t make yourself wrong, put yourself down, or act like a victim of the circumstances. You made a decision. Just choose what to do next with what follows afterward.

As this applies to my situation, I needed to take care of myself. I needed to take a break. I’ve been charging forward towards my goals. I didn’t want to burn out, so I chose to set my mental boundaries to focus on what I deemed to be more important—myself. I realized for me to give my best that I need to be at my best. I was ready to own up to not having something to write about, and this unexpected topic came about!

Not only do you need to be aware of what you should do after you make the promise, but it’s also knowing what your limits are before you made your promise as well. Can you really do it? Can you commit to following through with your word no matter what? So consider your words carefully before you even declare it.

As you consider carefully before you make a promise and do all you can to follow through with your word, then other people know what to expect from you. They know that they can trust your word as you’ve given them plenty of proof that you would. As a result, people will know that: (1) if you ever break a promise, it’s really due to unexpected circumstances with much higher priority; (2) they also know what would take higher priority in your world; and (3) you are someone of high character.

Through observing my mentors, I can see why they are at the level of success they’re at. It’s by establishing such a strong high character and having the tenacity to follow through with their word no matter what. I know exactly where they stand, and how they lead and inspire the people around them. That’s my goal as well. That is where I’m aiming my sights at, and strive to be for the people around me.

Please help stay me accountable and play at such high standards. Thanks for helping me with my growth, as I continue to help yours! I’m grateful that we’re in this together. Cheers! =]