Yup, “KIT” stands for “keep in touch”
(Do they still write those in high school yearbooks nowadays? It’s been a while…)

The everchanging graffiti at ACDC Lane in Melbourne, Australia. ©kitwithkat

Hi, I’m Kat. Did I tell you already that I’m a workaholic? The things I’m writing for “Dear Workaholics” are realizations and learnings I’ve been reflecting on and encountering at the moment as well. I am very much so in my doing mode right now as I’m working on different but similar projects all at once. I’m wrapping up my daily blogging challenge, but developing a plan on how to make this an ongoing part of what I’m building. I’m writing a book that’ll be launched in August. And the latest development is also creating a podcast. I am so passionate about what I’m doing that this is all very exciting energy that drives me forward.

And I’m addicted to this soul-fueling high. I missed this fiery motivation that made me wake up every morning excited about what I’ll be creating and doing today. I love this feeling of having a purpose and doing all that I can to make it happen. I run through a checklist in my head of all the things I want to get done today while planning out my projects that are all in different stages.

And it made me wonder… how am I doing it differently this time? How do I make sure I don’t go into overwhelm, which leads to burning out?

  1. I’m setting mental boundaries with work. I’m still scheduling in regular downtime with friends and loved ones. And when I’m with them, I’m present. Sure, I still have my little moment of distraction, but I’m not constantly churning work in the back of my head. Work comes up only if it somehow becomes a part of the conversation. And after the update is over, I can let it go.
  2. I’m clearing my mental bandwidth by transferring all my ideas and tasks out of my head—either on paper or digitally. I was recently introduced to Notion, which is totally transforming my productivity by its ease of use, customization, and organization. I also take the time to journal any concerns or worries out of my mental space when they pop up. Just with the simple act of writing these down means I can address these tangential thoughts later versus being distracted, holding irrelevant thoughts, and pulled down another rabbit hole.
  3. More importantly, it’s also taking note of what my priorities are: What am I not willing to sacrifice no matter how busy I am? What are tasks I don’t want to do, but can totally delegate to someone else? What makes me happy? It’s because of all the busyness that I’m seeing more clearly how all the various elements of my life are being filtered in order of my personal priorities. I’m still tackle everything, but doing it at my own pace. Sure, it can take some time to find someone else to handle these tasks, but that effort has been worth it. It’s allowed me to focus on what I can do best on, and I get higher quality returns from delegating it than if I took much longer time to do it myself.
  4. In addition to outsourcing, it’s also building a support system as well. I have accountability partners to keep me on track. Especially as I’m charging full steam ahead, I also have mentors/coaches to continue guiding me down the right direction. It’s awesome learning from their experiences as they also know the little shortcuts to take. Why reinvent the wheel and take a harder path if it’s shown success already? =]
  5. I am not cutting corners. I still prioritize doing things well and building a stronger foundation than rushing something out, which could cause problems or redos later.
  6. Referencing what I wrote yesterday is that I’m also being kinder to myself. If I don’t get everything done, it’s ok. I have tomorrow. As long as I’m taking forward steps towards my goal, it is all worth it. Sometimes they’re large leaps forward, but I’m also grateful for the rapid little steps as well. It’s still a step at a time.
  7. I’m celebrating my successes and grateful for all my progress—big and small. These help anchor positive vibes throughout my journey. Even when it seems like everything is colliding together all at once, I’m still having a great time! There’s less judgment, less putdowns, less harsh criticism, less stress, and much more happiness.

Workaholism doesn’t always need to be seen as bad or negative. We workaholics can be very passionate about what we do. But it’s also keeping the boundaries clear and firm while fine tuning your awareness to course correct when needed to continue allowing your passion to burn bright. Let that fire burn… not burn out.