Yup, “KIT” stands for “keep in touch”
(Do they still write those in high school yearbooks nowadays? It’s been a while…)

My outrageous desire “travel to all 7 continents within a year” polaroid over my Scratch the World Travel Map. ©kitwithkat

So why this desire? I have my parents to thank for cultivating my passion for travel since I was a kid. We moved around a lot, but gratefully and fortunately had the opportunity to travel internationally for family trips. It definitely explains why most of my outrageous desires are travel-focused, too. So going to all 7 continents was eventually a must. Prior to setting this goal, I’ve been to 5 of the 7 already. So why not check off the last two? But I also wanted to up the ante… Let’s do it within 12 months then!

The amazing thing is once I set this goal, several travel opportunities just seemed to have popped out of nowhere — I heard about a workshop set in Paris; a friend reached out to me about volunteering with her organization in Africa; then out of the blue, my dad brought up going to Australia or New Zealand for Christmas as a family.

“To realize one’s destiny is a person’s only real obligation… When you want something; all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” — Paulo Coelho, author of the best selling novel “The Alchemist”

Yay! This is totally coming together. I just needed to plan for Antarctica. I hit a bit of a snag when I tried to book my desired cruise as it was sold out, but with the Universe on my side, the representative on the phone told me about the only remaining single cabin in the next cruise, which ends a day right before my deadline! Hell yah, I booked it on the spot.

So between January 19 2018 to January 19 2019, I went to…
North America: Mexico (Feb) + Canada (Jul)
South America: Peru (Apr) + Chile and Argentina (Jan 2019)
Europe: UK and France (Jun)
Africa: Uganda (Sep)
Asia: Taiwan (Dec)
Australia (Dec)
Antarctica (Jan 2019)

What was amazing during through this 12-month journey was that I was able to personally experience the Law of Attraction working for me. Things lined up for me like serendipity, and the right people came into my life exactly when I needed them. The simplified definition is that if you think of what you want, then you will attract it to you.

It really is that powerful, but it is like a muscle that you need to train. It does require lots of introspection, conscious awareness, and faith. You need to carefully craft the thoughts in your head, else your negative thoughts are just pushing opportunities away. Things that you want can come into your life, but if you’re not even aware or notice it, then it’s like it didn’t happen. Lastly, you need to believe and have faith even when things don’t seem to go your way.

Since the movie “The Secret” came out, the Law of Attraction has been the common topic amongst the personal development world. It seems that easy, right? Just think it, and it’s yours? But there are two things most people don’t even realize:

  1. If you think of negative thoughts or have negative beliefs, you attract them as well. The bad news is that if those negative beliefs are contradictory to what you’re trying to attract, you’d be repelling your desires as well. That’s why I mentioned before how purging negative thoughts is important
    For example, if you’re constantly thinking about getting out of debt and all the bills piling up waiting to be paid, more bills just seem to continue coming your way, and adding to this debt issue you’ve been dreading. Instead of focusing on “debt” (which is a negative state) focus on what it is that you truly want to have instead. What is the inversive positive state you want to achieve? What would you want to do once you have all the money you wanted? Hold onto those positive thoughts instead. =]
  2. There’s more to it than just “thinking” it. You have to truly believe in what you’re saying to yourself. Strengthen that belief by focusing on and visualizing having what you want. You have to replace your negative beliefs with the corresponding and tangential positive beliefs to actually attract what you truly desire. It’s even better if you have a strong why as well, because that becomes the constant strong dose of motivation to keep your beliefs going and manifest your desires.
Checking off the last continent in Antarctica! ©kitwithkat

Oh, yah. I made this outrageous desire happen. I set foot on all 7 continents within 12 months. People thought I was crazy, but that didn’t matter. I did it for myself and made it a priority, because it was a strong desire of mine. And as a result, I got to experience so much, and cross off even more outrageous desires that I’ll share later. It also made me realize that even though I’m considered ‘well-traveled’ amongst my friends and family, all this traveling made the world even bigger, not smaller. I want to see more! Travel is in my blood, my being. I can’t stop now…

Stay tuned for tomorrow as I share my journey to Antarctica.

[ Story Behind the Photo ] I took that photo after I set foot on the actual Antarctica continent. It didn’t count that I’ve been on icebergs, surrounding islands, and on the ocean near the continent. I was on THE continent… with all these super cute penguins! I am absolutely a penguin lover now being so close to them and seeing them in their natural habitat. Just one thing though, they are smelllllyyyyy, but luckily they do like to stay clean and bathe themselves in the ocean.