Yup, “KIT” stands for “keep in touch”
(Do they still write those in high school yearbooks nowadays? It’s been a while…)

My outrageous desires list in physical form. ©kitwithkat

So you noticed those polaroids in some of my photos, eh? And what’s with these outrageous desires I keep talking about? Well, read my post on it here. I’ll be posting more of them soon, so figured why not do a quick explanation here first?

Alright, so I got my outrageous desires list down. Now what? I didn’t want my list of desires to just die there on that notebook nor stuffed away on a shelf or drawer somewhere to never be seen again. People keep on talking about doing vision boards. Being a designer, I’ve always wanted to do something slightly different and more creative than what I’ve seen others do — magazine cut outs made into a collage, printed paper cutouts taped/pinned somewhere, or digitally pinned on Pinterest. I wanted mine to be a living vision board that is physical but can continuously be evolving. I wanted this to be in my living space, so I can actually see it often and be inspired by it. 

Then this brilliant idea sparked in my head, and these are what you need:

Get your own Fujifilm Instax printer, Instax square films, and small magnets. ©kitwithkat
  • Fujifilm Instax square format printer
    The Instax films are slightly smaller than an actual Polaroid. I like the square format since it gave me more visual space for the photo, and the Polaroid-like format meant I had white space to include my actual desires on it. I prefer the printer vs the camera since you can google any image you want, edit/crop it to your liking, and print it out via an app on your phone.
  • Fujifilm Instax square film + black fine tip sharpie
    Each box comes with 10. I recommend buying extras in case you screw up some prints. Since I had so many outrageous desires on a list, I went all out and got the 10 box bundle set.
  • Metallic board + small powerful magnets
    Select what size board you want, and decide where you want it placed on the wall. I did do some math to figure out how many I can place on each board, and I got these vertical ones since it fit my workspace the best. I also went with magnets since I didn’t want to puncture the film nor have tape residue on the back of them when I removed them from the board.
  • [Optional] Box to store the completed ones. I got a shadow box.
    On the back of each completed Polaroid, I attached a label stating when it was completed or any other relevant details. Thought it would be a nice touch to review these at the end of the year and celebrate my glorious achievements.
  • [Optional] Instax photo album
    I wanted to be able to carry some of my desires as visual reminders with me while I traveled. The album made it easy to carry and keep them pristine.

This took one night to complete. In the end, I loved how these looked on my wall. Part of me had a little fear of judgment from friends or family if they saw my vision board when they visited. But my next thought after that was, “Screw it, who cares what they think?! This is for me. Maybe if they saw what was on my board, they’d get inspired to do their own or want to join me on my adventures.” Yahhh, that thought felt much better. I’m going to go with that. 

And that is exactly what happened—several friends jumped onboard and wanted to do their own living vision board after seeing mine. So I figured why not share it here, too?

[ End Results ] I had so much fun making these. And more importantly, they inspired me even more. My first one came off my board a couple of weeks later. More came off my board in the following months. It felt amazing each time I took one down, and dropped it in my “completed” box frame. It has been exciting dreaming up more to replace the ones I took down. Honestly, I’ve been taking them down at a rate quicker than I can come up with new ones. I might need some help to come up with more!

YOUR TURN!! Turn your desires into a vision board of whatever format that works for you. Share your desires, your vision board, and your results. Start noticing how it makes you feel seeing them, and how quickly they start coming off your board!

[ Story Behind the Photo ] That night I printed out more than 90, which completely filled two magnetic boards. The next morning, I had the two magnetic boards flanking the window in front of my desk, so it’s always in my visual space while I’m working. It feels great looking up at them when I’m taking breaks, too.