Yup, “KIT” stands for “keep in touch”
(Do they still write those in high school yearbooks nowadays? It’s been a while…)

Bucket lists… don’t they just sound so morbid? It’s a list of things you want to do before you “kick the bucket”, so you don’t feel like you have any regrets when you’re at your death bed.

Screw that. I want a list that makes me feel alive and celebrates all the awesomeness this world has to provide.

In May, while I was in Paris chatting with one of my coaches, we came up with an alternative term: “outrageous desires list”. I wanted to live large and do things outside of commonly perceived and my own comfort zone. Hehe. I liked the idea of when you shortened it to “OD list” I would be overdosing on my desires. Doesn’t that just sound so much more fun?

The concept lingered in the back of my mind all throughout the day. In the evening, I figured why the hell not? Let’s just start writing some stuff down and see where this goes. I’ve always had a general list in my head, and have picked up more ideas along the way from friends and other external influences. Once I started going, more just flowed out. Writing them down on paper with a pen just made them so much more real and the desire within me to complete them grew. I had about 50 or so, and then I started googling to seek out more inspiration. That’s when I realized, “holy shit, I’ve actually achieved quite of bit of these that are on other people’s lists” as I patted myself on the back a little (yah, just a “little” =p).

A few hours passed and in the wee hours of the morning, I had a list about 80 or so. It felt so exciting. Some I knew I was going to achieve this year, maybe next year, and some just some time in my future.

The best part was that I felt like it was all possible — no matter how outrageous they were, like going out into space. I ended this exercise with a large smile on my face.

YOUR TURN!! Grab a sheet of paper or open a new doc. Just start jotting down anything that comes to your mind. Don’t hold yourself back in any way or try to justify any of the ideas on whether it’s possible or not. These ideas can be in any aspect of your life — relationships, travel, life goals, things you want to learn, things you’ve always wanted to try, things outside of your comfort zone, things big or small, etc. Let your imagination run wild… C’mon, be outrageous with me and declare your desires.

Originally posted on my Medium @kitwithkat account