Well, hello, hello. Welcome! I am Kat Nieh.


Get a glimpse into my world, which is filled with stories of my adventures and lessons I’ve learned along the way on my journey to reclaiming my life. I share honestly and openly about some of the obstacles I’ve faced being a workaholic, as well as how I use my workaholism for good.

I write about my outrageous desires—both the ones I’ve lived and the ones I’ve yet to fulfill. My goal is to inspire everyone to get out there and live the life that they know they want to. Trust me. It was scary—and often still is—for me to step outside my comfort zone, but I promise you, it is 1 million percent worth it.

My content is meant to open up a conversation. So have a read of my book + blog or listen to my podcast, and share with me your thoughts and your own story. I’m all ears.

I get it. Being a workaholic has always gotten a bad rap, and I am here to change that. We workaholics are a special group of people who can do awesome things in this world as long as we use our passion, dedication, and desire to fuel us rather than drain us dry.

Talking about soul-fueling desires, here’s a passion project I’m cultivating called “Kindness Impact” where I inject daily doses of kindness quotes, acts of kindness ideas, and changing your mindset around kindness! Become one of my fellow kindness impactors by following my social media accounts and spreading the word.

Cheers to being fearless in the pursuit of what sets our souls on fire!

P.S. I like taking photos, too. Enjoy seeing the world from my eyes through photography as well.